Inflation and the Sermon Illustration

March 2010 · 1 minute read

I was listening to my Church’s Sermon from last Sunday. My pastor used the illustration of a someone in the church asking him if she should buy a $150 pair of jeans. I like to imagine what inflation does to our illustrations. How would someone have asked “Should I buy a pair of $150 jeans” in the 1950’s?  I looked up the prices for a pair of jeans in the 1950’s and today, which I assume were Levi 501’s in 1957 and compared them to a pair sold by Zappos today. (Your prices may vary. Check the posting date)  It’s sort of an anachronism, because I don’t know if there really were designer jeans in the 1950s.

Anyway… In the 1950’s, that person’s grandparent would have asked, “Should I buy a pair of $25 jeans?”

In 1957, the average pair of jeans cost between $5.78 and $5.80.  Today, you can get a deal at Zappos for $34.99.

I want to hear that question in the future when we’re using Benjamins like Jacksons.